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The Spanish company is the project coordinator and has developed a patented product and methodology that substantially increases the amount of glucosinolates in Brassica crops in collaboration with a Spanish research centre. This patent relates to a composition comprising methyl jasmonate and a polysiloxane polyether for increasing the content of glucosinolates in adult plants of the genus Brassica, for example, broccoli. This development will boost the exploitation of glucosinolates as active compounds in different products

The project objective is to create value from glucosinolates enriched crop by-products for their use in food and phytosanitary formulations. Glucosinolates can be incorporated in formulation of other sectors such as cosmetic and health, that is why the project will focus on ensuring the adequate involvement of the farming sector and other actors who would benefit from the application of this technology. The project is addressed to agro-social implications of the application of patent together with different techniques in the field, securing long-term supply of affordable and sustainable biomass for the European bioeconomy. The aim is to optimise diversification strategies for different European agricultural production models and sectors. 

Codice di riferimento della ricerca partner: RDES20210723001


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