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The company is focused on sensor technologies, wearable sensors, and AI solutions such as health and activity monitoring systems, also fatigue/stress/anomaly detection by the activities and vital signs. This system has been developed under TeamAware (https://teamaware.eu/) project and it will be improved with respect to the end user needs. There are solutions such as:

  • Activity Monitoring
  • Remote tele rehabilitation
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Stress Analysis
  • Sports Performance Analysis
  • Health and Safety Executive Assistive Systems

They enhance their portfolio based on UWB supported positioning and data transfer such as:

  • Positioning and Formation Control of Autonomous Ground/Aerial Vehicles (Fixed/Relative)
  • Indoor Localization System Using UWB Units
  • Positioning Support for Indoor Discovery and SLAM Applications
  • Autonomous Take Off and Land On
  • Detection and Localization of Package Equipped with an UWB Receiver and Collective Package Cary Mission of a SWARM
  • UWB Module Equipped UAV For Follow VIP Mission
  • Communication System Using UWB Gateways

The company is open to any kind of collaboration that fits their expertise and main interests.

  • Border and maritime security & surveillance systems
  • First responder Technologies
  • Early warning systems
  • Robotic systems for first responders and natechs


Codice di riferimento della ricerca partner: RDRTR20240329010

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