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The Spanish SME specializes in developing analytics and algorithms for various use cases related to sustainable mobility, utilizing data from multiple public and private sources. These use cases are designed to enhance the planning of sustainable mobility infrastructures, improve operational efficiency, and attract more clients. They are aimed at cities, companies in the mobility sector, public transport, private operators, infrastructure companies, electric companies, telecommunications firms, energy companies, consulting firms, and more. The Spanish SME is seeking a partner SME from an EUREKA country with experience in developing smart city platforms or who regularly works with cities in the fields of sustainable mobility and data to form an EUROSTARS consortium.

The project aims to develop use cases from data that are relevant to the region or country, enabling the SME to commercialize this solution alongside the Spanish SME. To achieve this, support will also be sought from a local university to participate in the development of these use cases, leveraging their expertise and previous projects on the topic.

The innovation developed with the technology will enable better planning of cities in terms of sustainable mobility infrastructure. It will also allow companies and operators in the sector to be more efficient in their operations, reducing costs, emissions, and city congestion. Similarly, it will enable people to move more actively, achieving health benefits by promoting more cycling and walking.

Our added value consists of:

- A deep understanding of the sector and the most critical use cases for cities, as part of large european innovation ecosystems like EIT Urban Mobility, EDIH, Connected Mobility Hub, and The Future of Mobility. This allows us to have access to knowledge, data, and to be a trusted third party.

- Cutting-edge technology in the development of algorithms and data space technology, allowing secure and sovereign access to private data.

- A platform for accessing information on use cases in a subscription model or pay-per-use that aims to facilitate access for all types of organizations at lower costs. Also available via API.

Codice di riferimento della ricerca partner: RDRES20240522005

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