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The project aims to enhance the R&D competence of the company by utilising previous studies and developing a solution for global emissions reduction. The company will gain from this project by adding innovative and technological products to its product range, such as activated carbon and graphene production. High pressure is a significant challenge in the activated carbon production line, making reactor design expensive and reducing reactor life.

The project is aimed to create a reactor prototype that can work with different raw materials. (Wood types, coal types, pre-treated biomass). It is also aimed to operate at different optimal temperatures. It will perform autonomous energy optimization according to different raw material types. In other words, a design that can have different optimization values according to all raw materials is aimed.

They are looking for a partner who can recommend the type of reactor material that should be used and carry out the study, based on the results they obtained in the experimental studies. At the same time, as a result of the studies, they are looking for a partner who can build the reactor, can weld, and has the machine park power.


Codice di riferimento della ricerca partner: RDRTR20240220012

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