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H2020 FTI PILOT 2015-01: Manufacturing and development of novel eco-building materials

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  • SIMPLER 31/08/2015

A Scottish university spin-out company in building materials is seeking industrial manufacturing partners involved in demolition or waste management to support the commercialisation of an eco-building material as part of a Fast Track to Innovation proposal to be submitted on 1 December 2015. The development of a sustainable masonry brick made of 90% recycled content from construction waste will assist essential waste reduction and advance recycling worldwide.

  • Type of partner sought: The company is seeking industrial manufacturing partners to support the commercialisation of their eco-building material. The project requires knowledge in scaling up production, market assessment of the European markets and legislative assessments to highlight opportunities and threats to this product entering the market. The partners may be either demolition or waste management companies since they would have access to the required input materials and could provide greater development of closed loop product.
  • Specific area of activity of the partner: Partners should be involved in manufacturing, manufacturing process development, commercialisation of construction (or transferable) products. The partners would also ideally have distribution channels in place for delivering construction materials to market. The partners also ideally will understand and have been through certification of construction materials (or similar).
  • Field of expertise/experience: Demolition or waste management company - commercial scale manufacturing, sustainable design (not crucial at this stage), construction materials, certification of construction materials, product development.
  • Task to be performed by the partner sought: Help develop commercial scale manufacturing of eco-building product, the eco-brick. Work with the development team on the development of a quality protocol for the manufacture of the product and future products. Advise and engage in helping with certification in EU (and potentially other) markets. Possibly, the partner may want to engage in waste management systems, in particular construction and demolition waste which provide the input materials necessary for this, and future products. Market assessment, legislative assessment of EU markets.


Per ulteriori informazioni finalizzate ad attivare una partnership, segnaliamo che è possibile:

  • scrivere all'indirizzo e-mail simpler@aster.it,  se localizzati nella regione Emilia Romagna
  • individuare l'ente di riferimento per la propria regione sul sito ufficiale di Enterprise Europe Network, se localizzati in altre regioni d'Italia riportando, in ogni caso, il codice: RDUK20150917001
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Identificativo dell'invito
  • RDUK20150917001
Quadro di finanziamento
  • H2020-FTI : FAST TRACK TO INNOVATION di Horizon 2020
Area di interesse
  • Unione Europea