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The company has developed proprietary tools for engineering of the glycans, sugar molecules, that are naturally found on the surface of a therapeutic drug. Sugar molecules are used to re-design TNF-alpha inhibitors creating a variant of the therapy that patients do not develop resistance to.

In a second work stream, the control of glycans is also being used for the development of antibody- drug conjugates (ADCs), with novel glycan sites enabling close control of the drug to antibody ratio, and a safer treatment for patients.

This proprietary glycan engineering strategy can be used to solve major challenges in antibody therapies, making them safer and more accessible to patients.

French start-up working in this field, who won several Innovation prizes, would like to find a partner eligible for EIC Transition, who can be a Coordinator.

Advantages and Innovations

Glycan engineering of recombinant antibodies to enhance safety and efficacy of immunotherapies. The company has developed proprietary bioproduction cell lines that precision control glycosylation, which is used to design antibody therapeutics with superior function. The first target is preventing patient resistance to treatments for autoimmune diseases.

Codice di riferimento della ricerca partner: RDRFR20240411008

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