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Le autorità nazionali responsabili della valutazione delle tecnologie sanitarie hanno adottato una strategia che definisce il quadro per la cooperazione europea in questo campo. Eccone gli obiettivi principali:

  1. A broad scope of cooperation, covering Pharmaceutical products, medical devices, and other technologies and where HTA is applied from early development to well established use
  2. Synergies and complementarity of European activities with e national activities, so that work done jointly by several HTA agencies can be reused in national HTA Reports
  3. Strengthening the synergies between HTA and regulatory requirements for pharmaceutical products and medical devices
  4. Addressing European cooperation on HTA in the global context
  5. Exploring, Identifying and possibly testing sustainable models to maintain cooperation at scientific and technical level, as well as relying on a possible 3rd Joint Action on HTA
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