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Turkish Company Seeks Partner for  - EV Fluids: Innovative Approach to Provide Advanced Cooling Solutions for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. The company in Turkey  is developing the project to present a new formulation to enhance the heat transfer property of ester-based novel cooling fluids by incorporating encapsulated phase change materials (PCMs), which absorb thermal energy during solid-liquid phase change and release heat during freezing.  The company is looking for a partner with expertise in the field of EV batteries or an EV batteries manufacturer. This expertise is critical to develop the projects that aims to optimize battery performance and efficiency while ensuring safety and longevity. The partner can be a private institution and/or research center/research institute and could be responsible for the work package about the evaluation of the thermal performance of the final products to be obtained in different EV battery modules. The company in Turkey, will conduct field trials to evaluate the performance of newly developed electric vehicle fluids at charging stations.

Codice di riferimento della ricerca partner: RDRTR20230911014

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