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CONCORDi-2015: 5th European Conference on Corporate R&D and Innovation - Sevilla (Spagna), 1-2 ottobre 2015

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  • VARIE - UE 16/09/2015

The 5th edition of the event, organised by the JRC, will discuss the role of scientific analyses in the design and implementation of an EU industrial policy based on research, innovation and technological advancement.
The title of this bi-annual European Conference on Corporate R&D and Innovation is "Industrial Research and Innovation: Evidence for Policy".

Such discussion will take place against the policy background of a renewed EU agenda to boost Jobs, Growth and Investment as highlighted in Juncker Commission's top priorities and to the related 'Industrial Policy' agenda.

The main topics proposed for discussion in this context include:

  • Corporate R&D and innovation dynamics: Data sources, theories, methods and evidence
  • Links between innovation performance measurement and the design of corporate R&D and innovation policy
  • Evaluation of the impact of corporate R&D and innovation policies on the economic performances, employment and social well-being in territories: Theory, concepts and empirical evidence.
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