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Interreg Europe: seminari su Comunicazione e Finanza dedicati ai Lead Partners - Atene, 29-30 settembre 2016

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  • Varie - UE 28/07/2016

The Communication seminar is targeted at Lead Partners and Communication managers of Interreg Europe projects. The aim of this seminar is to provide the necessary guidance on the Interreg Europe publicity requirements, as well as some helpful advice and tips for making your communication activities as effective and attractive as possible. The seminar will offer a set of three practical workshops focusing on project pitch, media relations, and online presence. Please note, that places are available according to the first come, first served principle, i.e. places will be allocated in the order that registrations arrive.


The Finance seminar is targeted at Lead Partner finance managers and Lead Partner’s first level controllers of Interreg Europe projects. The aim of this seminar is to provide information and updates on financial reporting and control procedures and requirements related to the management of Interreg Europe projects. This will also be a good opportunity to exchange on this matter with the Joint Secretariat and financial managers and first level controllers of other projects.


Participation by intivatation only.


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